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Renowned in industry cirlces as ‘The Steel people’, we are manufacturers of high quality TMT steel bars. A Product of purity, our offerings are ISI marked, certified by Bureau of Indian Standards and trusted by our valuable customers.Over the years, we have acquired a loyal clientele that is spread all over South India; We cater to both the domestic as well as commercial equipments. We are based at Coimbatore, with our state-of-the-art plant located at Idigarai, Coimbatore. As a well-networked city accessible by road, rail and air, transportation of raw material and finished goods is easily made possible. Backed by a modern infrastructure & quality products, we will continually improve our processes, products and people to transform customer satisfaction into customer delight.

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Frequently Asked

How to find the best TMT bars as per quality?

In the Indian market, we can find countless TMT bar manufacturers, to avoid confusions chose reputed companies with ISO certification

What are the main benefits of TMT bars?

TMT bars are valuable over conventional steel bars in quite a lot of ways. Unlike traditional steel bars, TMT bars do not crumble with humidity which boosts the lifespan of any structure. Meaning, your house will be strong and safe for years to come if you use TMT bars instead of traditional steel bars.

How does the quality of TMT bar play a role during an earthquake?

While Earthquake takes places, huge amount of energy is imparted on a structure. A structure made of a bendable material would suck up a much higher proportion of energy/impulsive stress, before fracturing, compared to a brittle one. Another important fact to note is, amongst the 3 most important materials, i.e. steel, brick and concrete, used in constructing a house, only steel can provide ductility to the structure.

How much should I capitalize with at the beginning?

Indrola TMT steel bars are available in Grade Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550 in sizes ranging from 6mm to 25mm.

I want to know the steel requirement for my house?

Indrola has developed a TMT calculator to help you estimate the quantity and cost of TMT bars, against each section (DIA), required to build your dream home. It indicates an estimate basis the base area square feet, no. of storey’s, type of building use and seismic zone in which the house is constructed.

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